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Joanna Going is both an artist and designer who has channeled her love of fashion and elegant design into her line of precious and semi-precious jewelry.

Joanna's sense of color and texture is quite unique. She enjoys creating designs that allow her to work with natural forms, such as stones and color. Her designs show her ability to sense the individual need for self expression, allowing a woman to express her own personal style. All of her work is sensitively designed and wearable for any occasion.

One of the things about Joanna's pieces that make them exceptional is the fact that her necklaces can be worn together, creating unique color and texture combinations. This allows for the extension of the color palette of both the wardrobe and the mood of the wearer. Many of Joanna's clients feel as though they can truly build on the jewelry they already have, making new and exciting combinations with new pieces and those they have bought from her in the past.

All of Joanna's jewelry is made by hand, she selects her stones carefully for their high quality and unique characteristics. Joanna has many clients that enjoy the luxury of working directly with her to design a unique piece that will reflect their own style and color palette.

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